I’ve recently moved to Los Angeles, achieving a long held goal since arriving in the southern california from the the midwest. 

I love the city. The rich history of the progressive movement expressed in property ownership runs as deep as Biddy Mason’s, spirit on spring street. It waters the hollyhocks in Barnsdall Art Park for Modernism and is flowing in BVCLT just down the street on Vermont.  This time in the city’s architectural and political life is ripe with opportunity to contribute to such movements. 

One of the biggest challenges when moving is building a social circle. I’m exploring the plethora of organizations in search of “my tribe”. So far I’ve joined these. 

I few years ago I was out exploring and came across this lovely prospective of downtown which so perfectly expressed my longing to live in the city. Recently, I discovered the building I was so drawn to was once a women’s collective. 


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