A project close to my heart. 846 Linden St. 

The landscaping was a self inflicted project that required quite a bit of work. Even moving dirt on the west side to create another small terraced area where I planted herbs and replaced a couple of previously dead trees.  I’m very pleased with the results.  In the front I ripped out the grass, before rebates were available, and replaced it with a plethora of succulents all with their own drip irrigation. There was also a lack of trees, I planted two and potted two. The parkway tree, was actually planted by the city at my request and nurturing. The Museum Palo Verde adds dimension to the flat garage wall.   The turf in the back was for resale purposes. Families like grass. The rock was hauled, the path to the back on the east side was laid. I miss working in this yard. 


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